Welcome at Baroness Babalon - Germany's biggest Mistress!
Curvy Goddess with a giant butt
The Queen of facesitting and heavyweight trampling Lady

Baroness Babalon
Mistress in Dortmund
und Duisburg, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen

Who is Baroness Babalon?

The thickest fetishlady in Germany! - Curvy goddess with oversized butt that defines facesitting in new dimensions.

I am the embodiment of abundance and feminine superiority simply through my physical appearance. The Venus of Willendorf could almost be a portrait of my exuberant femininity.

The connoisseur and lover of rubenesque ladies will find in me a woman who embraces her bodily fullness, finds it sexy, likes to play with it and is well aware of its impact on the supposedly stronger sex. You will adore and worship me - I am your new goddess!

Fans of ample derrieres and facesitting experience entirely new dimensions under my gigantic buttocks. You become my cushion, my seat, and much more. By the way, I am a pronounced admirer of the illustrations by the Japanese artist Namio Harukawa.

My dominance resides in my breathtaking appearance and overpowering weight. I love anything that allows me to make a man feel my divine superiority. I blend my body’s fullness with practiced dominance, bringing everything into harmony. I employ my curves, and you feel small, helpless, surrendered beneath me, yet warm and secure as breathing becomes increasingly difficult and the air slowly escapes you…

My aim is to establish a trustworthy, long-term relationship between us within a discreet context. This provides us with a protected space where we can delve deep into your fantasies, explore and expand your boundaries. With me, you are seen and allowed to be who and what you truly are.

I call myself Babalon because this figure embodies partly contradictory aspects of the feminine. On one hand, she is the great mother who gives life, and on the other hand, she is the mother of abominations. In the Bible, she appears as the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast. I find this to be a powerful image of how female sexual energy ultimately subjugates and dominates male desire. I identify with Babalon because I possess both creative, constructive power and destructive force. I integrate both aspects into my sessions. Additionally, I see her mystical strength and her feminine divinity within me.

You, as a lover of big ladies want to express your admiration? You are invited to support me in this by paying for food, clothing, skin care, pedicure etc. - everyting to make my life with so much weight more pleasant and comfortale. Did you know that luxurious curves like mine need more care and beauty products and dressing those curves nicely can be expenshive. A heavy body also wants to be well-nourished.

Further online appearances as my sociial media profiles, interviews, videos etc are all collected here:

I am board member of the Sexworker's Association BesD e.V. -


Baroness Babalon - Siegel Mistress 2022Baroness Babalon - Siegel Mistress 2023Baroness Babalon - Siegel Mistress 2024

Preferences, Taboos & Equipment


Adult baby education
Anal treatment
Ball busting
Ball torture
Bondage & discipline
Breath control
Chastity key holding
Cock ball torture
Cock torture
Cold caning
Dildo games
Dirty talk
Doctor games
Feet or shoes or boots worship
Fetish clinic games
Force-feeding games
Forced orgasm
Golden shower (active)
Humiliation games
Interrogation games
Kidnapping games
Long-term play
Nipple treatment
Outdoor play
Pet games
Psychological torture
Role playing
Role playing
School education
Slaughter games
Stimulation current games
Strap on dildo games
Student - teacher games
Use & abuse play
Wax games


Drugs, stimulants
Intimate contact with mistress
Lick games
Further taboos:
Test en


St Andrew's cross
black studio
dominatrix throne
feminisation suite
gynecological chair
interrogation room
spanking bench
white studio / OR
Further equipment:
My Tour data in
Gelsenkirchen, Berlin
  18. Aug - 25. Aug
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  20. Oct - 27. Oct
Berlin, Germany


Interview die ZEIT online

Many thanks to the editorial team at ZEIT ONLINE for this great opportunity to talk in so much detail about my job as a sex worker.

Interview with RUMS

In September I conducted an interview with Laila Seiber for RUMS Magazine. Afterwards I was accompanied to the VENUS by the photographer Merle Trautwein

Here is the published post:

VENUS Berlin - meet me at the Mistress Lounge

My pleasure and honor to be a "Kinky Star" of the 26th VENUS in Berlin again.

Meet me at the Mistress Lounge located at the Kinky Area - looking forward seeing you there and have a conversation.

For further information or tickets take a look at the official website and get a lustful forestaste of what's to experience at the event


If you would like to serve me as a slave on one or all days from October 26th to October 29th, 2023, please send a meaningful application (with a picture!) to or via WhatsApp: +491782343986

Radio Essen Podcast Interview online

Radio Essen interviewed me for the podcast “Essen im Ohr”

This request came to me via BesD e.V. (professional association for sexual and erotic services), for which I volunteer.

It was a pleasure to answer dear Mona Belinskiy's questions from the editorial team and interested listeners. I hope that I have been able to dispel some of the prejudices that exist towards people working in sex work, BDSM people and people who are very overweight.

Just listen here:

or anywhere there is a podcast (e.g. Spotify or Apple Podcast)

Aurora's MIstress Talk - Podcast Interview

(German only, but you can get a visiual impression watching it on YouTube)

During my stay in Hamburg I was a guest of Aurora Nia Noxx in her great podcast "AURORA's MISTRESS TALK"

We talk about my path to being the fattest dominatrix in Germany, "fat fetish", body worship, self-confidence, discrimination and stigma of sex work and fat people, etc.

Watch the video here on YouTube:

or listen to us wherever podcasts are available.

Please leave us a comment, your feedback and rate the episode :-)

New in Studio Alter Bizarrer Bahnhof

From now on I will be working regularly in the studio Altter Bizarrer Bahnhof (old bizarre train station)

Write me and make an appointment with me for my first day on May 24th, 2023

I am particularly looking forward to live my passion for the clinical practices and clinical role-playing games in the role of Mrs. Dr. Thoroughly.

I'm also hot at the thought of a spacious feminization room, where we have all the options for styling, walking, posing and runway training as well as photo shoots. There is also a stable bed - what happens on it depends entirely on what kind of side we work out of you and what you want to be trained to be ;-)

The dungeon in the basement lends itself to incarceration and prison roleplay. Once I have you in my power there, you are all mine. Scream if you wantt! Nobody will hear you anyway...

I plan to be a guest lady at the Alter Bizarre Bahnhof regularly on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the future. The exact dates of my presence will always be announced in good time.

Scheduled Tuesdays::

6th June.2023

13th June .2023

4th July.2023

Scheduled Saturdays:

27th May .2023 (cancelled)

3rd June 2023

10th June.2023 (cancelled)

17th June 2023 !!! CLINIC duo-sessions with Nurse Ella (Ella Bizarr) possible!!!

24th June 2023

1st July 2023

Meet me at VENUS in Berlin!!!

I have the great honor and pleasure to announce my participation in this year's edition of the VENUS erotic exhibition in Berlin.

Meet me personally in the KINKY LOUNGE for a chat, take pictures with me and collect my autograph

The VENUS in Berlin doesn't need further introduction. For more than two decades it's the biggest and most famous event we have in the erotic industry.

For further information or if you want to get a ticket take a look at the official website and get a lustful forestaste of what's to experience at the event

We'll see each other from 20th to 23rd October 2022 at VENUS in Berlin!!!

Interview with Domina-Portrait is online!

You want to get to know me better - read my Interview on Domina.Portrait:

Unfortunaltely its in German only, but I am sure Google Translate will help ;-)


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